17 Ways to a Healthier 2017

Here’s a list of 17 ways to start the year off with a bang. They are in by no means in any particular order because they can all be easily incorporated into our everyday lives. Cheers to a new and prosperous year! #ClinkClink

  1. REALISTIC GOAL MAKING: I’m a firm believer in setting up both short term and long term goals. Because as much as we’d all like to be the next best thing since sliced bread, it’s important that we work our way up to meeting those ambitious goals. Start with a plan, timeline, and mapping out the proper tools to reach your goal then rock the hell out of turning those dreams into realities.
  2. OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW: Start your new year by surrounding yourself with positive, like minded individuals and ridding yourself of those who do not bring substance into your life. Surrounding yourself with a few quality people who have your best interest at heart is far more rewarding than people who just suck the life out of you.
  3. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE: This covers a few areas; give love, give support to your loved ones, give back to the community, give 110% in everything that you do in your professional career. While number 2 is important, don’t lose track of the work that you must also give to be a good friend, significant other, daughter, brother, mother, cousin, coworker, boss… you get the point.
  4. TREAT YOUR BODY WITH SOME RESPECT: That’s right, I’m throwing this one in your face (and mine). We’ve all sat around eating mom’s holiday cookies and drinking spiked eggnog for the last couple of months, so replace those holiday cookies with nutrient filled fruits and veggies. Make healthy choices by feeding your body with the best of the best. I personally love to jumpstart with pumping my body with a juicing cleanse. A few quick pointers include using organic and GMO free products, if possible. Also, organic and grass-fed meats, and taking a more moderate approach to the amount of sugar and sodium you’re taking in. To be clear, I am a total foodie so I’m so far from perfect in this category, BUT like most things in life it’s all about moderation.
  5. GET UP AND GET MOVING: Dedicate yourself to at least 30 minutes of activity each day. Don’t let all the New Year’s Gym Resolution haters get in your head. Start the year by committing yourself to adding something active to your lifestyle, if you’re not already in the fitness game. Here’s a few ideas: Walking or running is about as free as it can get. Commit to hitting up a nearby trail or getting to know your neighborhood on foot, but always keep your safety in mind when doing so. A few others include; yoga, HIIT classes, pilates, weightlifting, those awesome new surfboard cardio classes that could kick just about any average human’s ass, and spin. True story: I used to feel mega intimidated by doing group workouts of any sort, but with a little self-empowerment and motivation I have found that it not only pushes you, but is a great way to make new friends and network!
  6. FIND A HOBBY: Seriously, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is so important to find something that we can enjoy and clear our minds with. A hobby could range from that new workout regimen, taking a painting class, reading a certain number of books by yearend, or starting a blog ;).
  7. VOLUNTEER: If you reference back to number 3 then you’ll realize just how important I find this to be. Giving back to the community is something I personally find a great deal of passion in. While writing a check is definitely appreciated by organizations in need, there’s nothing like rolling your sleeves up and actually DOING something for others. There’s countless organizations out there that are in constant need of a helping hand. Sometimes it requires a little soul searching to find out where you can affectively bless another, so just take the time to figure out where you’d like to see change. I can assure you that a single person can make an impact.
  8. TRAVEL: I understand that traveling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can assure you that it’s truly life changing to step out of our comfort zones and to see what the rest of the world has to offer. If you’re still on the fence about getting on a plane, then start on a more local level. Drive to the nearest National Park, or to the next major city, or maybe start by visiting your state capital. I find that traveling in general is kind of like a new year, and gives you an opportunity to self-reflect and start fresh with a new perspective.
  9. FACE A FEAR: I’m the first one to admit that facing my fear of heights is liking asking me to jump into a shark filled tank with a raw ribeye. Okay, maybe not that dramatic. But for someone who doesn’t mind jumping ON a plane and heading just about anywhere, I’m also not the girl you’ll see jumping OUT of a plane for funzies either. I encourage each and every one of you (and myself) to get out there and prove to yourself that you are greater than your fears.
  10. FIND A SPIRITUAL OUTLET: I’m not here to preach religion or tell anyone what they should and should not believe in, but I am a firm believer that with the faith of believing in a higher power comes the strength of having someone other than yourself and the people around you to trust in.
  11. TAKE A BREATHER: Yep, I said it. It’s OKAY to do absolutely NOTHING! We often treat our bodies like machines, but even a machine needs a bit of a reboot from time to time. Kick back, pour yourself a glass of wine and indulge in a good book, or this up and coming season of The Bachelor. Here at The Coffee Chic, we don’t judge.
  12. GET YOUR FINANCES RIGHT: Can’t we all agree that life seems so much more calm when we are in a good financial state of mind? For some this could mean putting more away in their savings account, contributing more to their retirement plan, and for others this could include paying off any lingering debts, or increasing your credit score. I’m not saying that it’s always an easy conversation to have with yourself, but sit down and draw out a plan to secure yourself with a stronger financial future.
  13. FINISH WHAT YOU START: Look we ALL start something rather it’s a new home renovation or training for a marathon that we are completely over about half way through. Which essentially goes back to setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Even if you’re having moments of feeling defeated or completely bored with something that you’ve started, finish. Why? Because there’s a natural high that comes with completing a task, no matter how big or little.
  14. FORGIVE YOURSELF: Here’s the truth, NONE of us have it all figured out. With that comes the reality that we’ve perhaps disappointed ourselves or others a time or two. Here’s the good news, none of us are perfect. Here’s the even better news, learn to forgive yourself and to move on. It is the absolute best gift you can give to yourself.
  15. GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP: Treat yourself like a child and set a bedtime at night and wakeup time each morning. You’ll find that the routine of allowing your body to properly rest and have a schedule will make for a much more productive and energetic day.
  16. STOP THE COMPARING: With social media (which we all love) and the accessibility to so easily see how wonderful Sally Jane’s life is going, we have created false perceptions of other people’s lives. While it’s wonderful that we can so easily connect with those near and far, it’s also caused many to feel insecure within themselves. Don’t forget that we are in complete control of what we choose to air out on social media, good or bad. So therefore, enjoy the perks of seeing pictures of your cousin’s new baby, and finding out that Carrie got a new job promotion, and simply remain happy for other people’s happiness. HOWEVER, do NOT compare where you are at in your life and begin self-doubting where you should and shouldn’t be. Enjoy the beauty of having your own story to tell, and know that no two stories or journeys are alike.
  17. LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: Have a year filled with happiness, joy, love, forgiveness, good health, spiritual wealth, ambition, and dedication!


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