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img_8932-1Business Name: Wrapping by Olivia
Specialty: Gift Wrapping Service
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Instagram: @wrappingbyolivia
Facebook: Wrapping by Olivia

This local chic based out of Dallas has officially been in business since 2015, but with years of gift wrapping for her loved ones, Olivia has turned what was once a hobby into a modern-day luxury service. The days of the stressed out boyfriend wondering how on earth he’s going to wrap a gift for his girlfriend are long gone. What about the working mom who’s pressed for time on getting her little bambinos gifts perfectly wrapped? Let’s be honest, Santa Claus and his crew are busy at this time of year and need a helping hand from time to time. Better yet, while some of us may have a green thumb or the ability to whip up a great meal, we may very well panic at the thought of perfecting a bow or the idea of coordinating it with the cutest wrapping paper. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t have to stop after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Wrapping by Olivia is a year-round business that can tend to you during any special occasion; rather it be a birthday, retirement party, baby shower, or your best friend’s wedding then this chic has you covered!

Meet Olivia in all of her glory…

As to be expected pricing varies, but she’s easily accessible by email or social media.

Want to know more about this gift wrapping lady?

What inspired you to start Wrapping by Olivia?
“Ever since I can remember, I have loved to wrap gifts. I have vivid memories of wrapping Christmas gifts with my mom and I always took pride in being her little helper. Further, one of my favorite quotes comes from my favorite childhood Christmas Book, Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera- “It is far better to give than it is to receive, my dear!”- I feel like I am giving happiness and maybe even a sigh of relief to my customers when I see how happy they are with the finished product, and they get to turn around and gift that finished product to someone else. It just feels really good!”

Anything interesting or special that you would like to share with The Coffee Chic readers?
“I owe my appreciation for wrapping paper to my Grandfather, “Boompa”. Every Christmas, he would open his gifts so painfully slow, ensuring that he didn’t tear the paper (we took turns opening gifts so you can imagine how tormenting waiting my turn was as a little girl). After he opened his gift he would fold the tape over the edges and then fold the paper so it could be reused. He wouldn’t even use scissors to cut the ribbon! Since I’ve started Wrapping by Olivia, I totally get it now because not only can wrapping paper get expensive, but there is something really special about not wanting to mess up a gift that’s wrapped perfectly!” 

What is your favorite thing to wrap for your customers?      
“My favorite gifts to wrap are ones where there’s a smaller gift packaged inside of a much bigger box. In the past, I’ve wrapped jewelry or gift cards and then put them inside of a large box for a different random item. It’s always funny to see the relief on someone’s face when they find out they’re not actually getting a dog kennel or a mini fridge.”  

Alright dads, busy bees, and closet bad gift wrappers you can officially take a deep breath!