3 Ways To Survive Holiday Traveling

With the holidays finally here for us to enjoy, it’s the inevitable that traveling around this time of year is necessary for many of you. Rather you’re flying to see friends and family that you haven’t seen in a year, or heading somewhere tropical with your loved ones, it is essential to always be well prepared when holiday traveling.  Here are a few tips to alleviate some of the stress that can often times come with traveling during some of the peak travel days of the year.

Make A List and Check It Twice:

Maybe I am bias and think that lists should be made under just about any circumstance, but a packing list is where it’s at!  There’s nothing more stressful than boarding a flight and remembering that you forgot to pack your favorite pair of leggings, winter booties, or even worse, your phone charger.  Sure, these are all items that can be bought elsewhere but if you’re anything like me and like to save a dime, then being prepared can never hurt your pockets.  Here’s the deal I believe in the old school pencil to paper method.  Start your list about a week in advance so that any last minute items can be purchased with time to spare.

Get It Right, Pack It Light:

That’s right, packing light is half the battle!  I’m a big time fan of packing just a carry-on for a couple of reasons; 1. It forces you to only pack the necessities and 2. You get to SAVE from having to pay those lame luggage fees.  With the exception of carriers like www.southwest.com where you can check your luggage for free, the checked luggage fees can certainly add up by the end of a trip.  Check back for future blog posts on the “How To’s” of successfully packing light.  Here’s a tip for all of my new and seasoned travelers: always check your airline carrier and TSA regulations to make sure you’re within regulation when traveling with liquids. Regardless if you are traveling domestically or internationally.  Also keep in mind that each airline may vary slightly on the size of your carry-on luggage.

Timing Is Everything:

While we all have to be conscience of not eating up our PTO at work, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at the airport five hundred miles away from our loved ones while they dig into turkey, watch football, and play board games.  Keep in mind that while it might be sunny in Southern California, our East Coast neighbors might be in the midst of a blizzard.  So schedule your flight to depart a few days in advance.  That will also save you on the intense hustle and bustle of traveling on some of the busiest days of the year.

Here are a few key dates to work around in order to avoid the high volume holiday rush for the remaining of this holiday season:

December 23rd
December 27th
December 30th

One thing that I know for sure is that planning is everything when it comes to having a peaceful trip, so take the little extra time to prepare and you will find yourself at ease and ready to indulge in that much needed break.


“Pack This” Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Try this checklist for a jumpstart into stress free traveling.