Who Is She?

img_8660The name is Jo.

Some of my favorite things include; sippin’ on a latte, traveling near and far, real estate, being a hometown tourist, fulfilling my 30ish year old dream of being a very beginner yogi, nail polish, shadowing my Classically Trained Chef sister and pretending to also be a Chef, attempting to be a creative spirit, buying tea cups, football, and reading a good book.

Some of my least favorite things are bugs, black licorice, and being hungry.

I aspire to inspire women.  Inspiration can come from something as simple as sitting at a coffee shop and listening to a bluesy tune on any ordinary Tuesday.  It can come from a magical moment that you may have experienced on a seven-hundred-year old bridge in some foreign land.  Just remember that some of the greater joys in life are in the moments that you find yourself inspired to be greater.  We should all find the joy in becoming better women in what ever life phase we are currently in. For some that’s putting the term wanderlust to use, and for others that could mean motherhood, or discovering what it’s like to be the single chic in a room full of married chics, or maybe climbing the corporate ladder, perhaps you just got engaged and you’re on cloud 9.  Wherever you are; grab your cappuccino and kick up your feet because this is for the chic(k) next door.